Role playing is one of the most effective training methods available. Not just for sales or customer service training, it also benefits employees, management and support people. Role playing is not just practicing working with an imaginary customer out loud, but creates a very real atmosphere in a controlled environment

roleplay and forum theatre

Benefits of roleplaying to your company:

➢  Allows a group of employees to act out work scenarios

➢  Opens communications, gives a great deal of confidence and develops camaraderie among those participating

➢  It can be used in every department by management and employees to     practice business situations

➢  Role playing is the systematic building of correct habits

➢  Excellent for analyzing problems

➢  Improve selling by applying various selling solutions

➢  Excellent for improving listening skills

The first few times a person role plays, they will be nervous and unsure of this training method. You will hear the statement, “This is harder than working with a real customer.” This is true, because the real customer does not know how the system should work, or how the message should be given. Each section of role playing should be simple and not introduce difficult role-playing situations with lots of strong objections or difficulties. The right way to learn material rapidly is to repeat it, then practice it in the role play format, and then gradually add more difficult situations. With more and more diverse objections this will quickly enhance skills without putting excess pressure on the employee.

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Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre offers you the chance to discuss the themes and issues behind real life situations. To make, and change the outcome of the choices we make.

It is a powerful method of learning and, at once, you can see both sides of a situation. As an outsider, you witness the results of actions, be they good or bad. Then you have the chance of changing those actions. In just an hour or so of theatre, you can avoid making the mistakes that could take months or years to sort out.

Prefer video training?

➢  Need a professional crew, complete with editing facilities? No problem!

➢  Keep a record of your staff’s roleplays to refer to as you need

➢  Create a training video for your staff to use in conjunction with other training materials

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