Murder Mystery Evenings & Weekend Events

Murder mysteries are perfect for fun, for team building, for singles clubs, for weddings, for conferences, for fundraising… The professional actors from aardvark productions ltd are extremely experienced in creating and performing murder mysteries for evening and weekend events. The guests become embroiled in shocking dastardly deeds as the murder unfolds before them. They have the chance to become fully involved in the investigation by grilling the suspects or sitting back and relaxing as others do all the work We specialise in writing or modifying murder mysteries to suit all occasions   The Grim Reaper

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There is plenty of time to chat and network during the murder mysteries

 How does it work?

aardvark’s murder mysteries are extremely flexible, but a typical evening may run as follows: With their pre-dinner drinks the guest detectives have the chance to meet the characters and set their investigation on its way. As the evening moves into dinner, the plot thickens leading to murder! At this stage, everyone in the room must be considered suspect, so it is up to everyone to prove their own innocence, as well as unmasking the guilty party. During dessert or coffee the detective reports are completed, allowing the sleuths to give their considered opinion as to who committed the villainous deed and maybe exercise their poetic skills with a limerick. Finally, the characters will return, reveal the intricacies of the plot, announce the winners and award prizes. aardvark supplies everything required for the murder mystery and the detective reports can be printed with company logos if required

Our replica guns and the law

The Violent crime reduction act 2006, section 36 deals with the import and selling of realistic imitation firearms from the 1st of October 2007. What does it mean to us? There are several DEFENCES & EXEMPTIONS . As our guns were bought before 1st of October 2007 we can own them legally. Also, as a theatre company we are exempt from section 36 of the Act. 

 If you would like more information, please contact us or you can contact the Home Office on 020 70354848 for further details

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