Some plot examples from our murder mysteries. Our murder mysteries can be personalised [for free] to make your event even more special!

A treasure hunt can be incorporated in to a plot [this includes a character to arrive early to set the scene and run the treasure hunt, which can be around the venue or in the local district.] Please enquire for more details. A murder weekend? No problem! Get in touch for complete details

Some plot examples:

Battered in the Kitchen: 3, 4 or 5 actors 

Bloodstain   Miss Jemima Hayhoe-Laughton invites you to her beautiful home. The year is 1932; the setting is the ancestral home of the Hayhoe-Laughtons. Miss Jemima lives in the house, whilst the trusted family lawyer, Humphrey Laslow, carefully looks after the fortune. Humphrey has decided to show his charitable side and has formed a club – ‘The Society for the Rehabilitation of Fallen Women’. Richard Barrett [now a private investigator] has been invited to regale the guests with gruesome tales of his trade. Before the evening is half completed however, a scream is heard from the kitchen and a member of staff is found brutally battered in the kitchen. Also available in Victorian or Medieval version   Cartoon corpse with axe murderer

Where there’s a Will: 3, 4 or 5 actors

The morals of the 1920’s are not all that they might be, for jealousy, greed and disregard for human life span the generations. You, and the rest of the Raymond-Burrell family, have gathered to listen to local solicitor, Timothy Walter, read the last will and testament of the late head of the family, Charles Raglan Cardigan Raymond-Burrell. All eagerly await news of the bequest. By the end of the evening, however, the chief beneficiary lies in a pool of blood. Are they the most recent victim of the infamous Raymond-Burrell curse, or are there more sinister motives afoot? Also available in Victorian and Halloween versions

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Murder on The Orient Express: 3, 4 or 5 actors 

Cartoon man with knife at throat     It is 1935. Lord and Lady Castlemaine’s jewels, including the famous Lynx of Bangkok are missing. You and your fellow archaeologists accompany Lady Castlemaine and friends aboard The World-famous Orient Express travelling to Venice, where, it is rumoured that the jewels have been hidden Hercule Poirot has been invited aboard to shed his vast experience to the search. Convenient when murder is committed!

Cartoon corpse with knife in chestMurder at Boglins: 4 or 5 actors

Spend a happy week away at a Boglins holiday camp! It is 1958 and you’ve never had it so good. Sydney Smee, with the help of his staff, promise you a holiday you will never forget – there’s the famous knobbly knees competition and the Boglins brouhaha [to be sung by all guests whenever Sydney makes an entrance] as well as singing and dancing to the popular music of the day. Campers are expected to join in all the events to make their stay all the more fun! However, the ‘Trick Shot Show’ goes horribly wrong and soon an undercurrent of malice pervades the happy walls at Boglins

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Chicago Speakeasy Murder: 4 actors

Cartoon man with gun to his own head     The year is 1926 and prohibition is in full swing. At Stammering Sam’s Speakeasy the customers are drinking ‘tea’ from teacups and the evening is in full swing when a murder is committed!   Cartoon corpse fenced off

Bond, The name’s Bond: 3 or 4 actors 

You have been called to a meeting of S.P.L.O.T. The Society for the Prevention of Lots of Things. News arrives that James Bond has been killed. You have to try and crack the combination of the safe, prove who killed Bond and possibly win millions!

Heart for Heart’s sake: 4 actors

Cartoon man in ball and chains   A horror murder mystery set in Dr. Beerstein’s bubbling laboratory. Is every body as it seems? Are all their bodies their own? A rocky [horror] plot, suitable for any time of the year Contact Us for more information about our murder mysteries

Cartoon man handcuffed behind his backWar is Murder: 4 or 5 actors

Even here, in a peaceful English village, no one is safe from enemy spies – “careless talk costs lives”, “walls have ears” and “be like dad, keep mum”, are the slogans to live by. The elegant Mrs Trumpington has convened a meeting of the village people to instruct them to be on their guard, as there is talk of a spy in their midst. There is the wonderful news that the spy has been apprehended and is undergoing interrogation and the evening becomes one of celebration. Why, then, does a shot ring out?

Resistance is Futile: 4 actors

Discovery of a cartoon corpse   ‘Allo, ‘Allo, what’s all this? As a respected member of the village you are of course always afforded a warm welcome at café Philippe. Even as war rages throughout Europe here is an oasis of peace. However beneath this tranquil surface there is intrigue – Café Philippe is the secret meeting point for a resistance movement and reports must be made and intelligence gathered. If that is not enough, Philippe has his hands on his waitress, Marie Claire. It can only end in murder….

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